Withdrawals in a tennis match, what about my bet?
December 16, 2019

Here I will tell you what happens to my bet if we have bet on a tennis match and a player withdraws from the match.

Withdrawals in tennis for sports betting What happens to my bets if there is a withdrawal in a tennis match

How do our bets affect when there is a tennis player that we have bet and has retired ? 

Surely it has happened to you and you have wondered what happens now, well in this article I will explain the different rules and conditions that each bookmaker has.

Withdrawals in Tennis for bets

Depending on the bookmaker where we bet , we can divide the differences in 3 sections:

  • Bookmaker that declares the bet void if there is abandonment
  • Betting house that in case of playing 1 set , the bet is settled as won or lost
  • Bookmaker that if there is abandonment at any time of the game, the bet is settled
  • Withdrawals in tennis for sports betting
  • Aleksandr Dolgopolov being attended in a match in Wimbledon.
  • Bookmakers declaring bets void in case of withdrawal

In this case, if we have any bet in the tennis match whatsoever, but a tennis player withdraws with whatever result,  our bet will be void , we will return the bet. When we play in this type of bookmakers, it is best to be attentive to live and try to close the bet if our tennis player is winning and there are symptoms of physical problems of the tennis player who is losing, so we will save upset when our bet is on track . Also if we bet on this type of bookmakers, we will have the advantage that if we bet on the tennis player who has been injured and ends up retiring, we will return the bet.

What are the bookmakers that give us the bet in case of withdrawal?

  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Luckia
  • Circus
  • Paston
  • Betsson
  • Circus
  • Betstars
  • Bookmark
  • Playing
  • Goldenpartk

Bookmakers that, if a set is played, pay off the bet

If we bet on a tennis player and the first set has been played and in the second set there is abandonment, our bet will be won or lost , it depends on the tennis player for whom we have bet. In this case, we know that when we play in this type of bookmakers , we have to know if the player we bet on has no physical problems or is prone to injuries or usually withdraws a lot throughout the season, so that I would not recommend using this type of bookmakers , unless we know that a tennis player arrives with physical problems and has all the clue that will pick up the check and retire after patting the first set, there if we will take advantage of this option.

What are the bookmakers that, if 1 set is played, pay off the bet?

  • Sportium
  • MarathonBet
  • 888sport
  • Luck
  • Betfair
  • PAF
  • Wanabet
  • Planetwin365
  • Kirolbet
  • Bwin

Bookmakers leaving the bets once the match starts

Whatever happens, if the first point of the game is played and a player leaves, our bet is settled. When we bet on this type of bookmakers we can not get any surprises and we know the consequences that it has … Here it is convenient to bet when we know that a tennis player is injured and shows up in the tournament so as not to lose money or points, play a couple of games and ends up retiring.

What are the bookmakers that once started the game counts our bet in case of abandonment?

  • Codere
  • Retabet

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