Start the best in betting How to get off to a good start in sports betting.

Like everything in life when you start something new, it costs a lot to adapt, and the world of sports betting will be no less. I am going to explain a series of steps for you to start off with a good start in the bets and if you are new in this world this article is aimed at you.


At first we are going to believe some experts and our heads when we place our first bets and we are right, they will think that "easy" is to win in this world of bets. This is not the case at all, like everything in the game world, you win and lose. The key is to maintain a strategy and not change especially when you win, maintain discipline and control our impulses when we are in a bad streak.

Before we start, we must know that betting is a long-term investment , it is worth noting that we win € 50 if in a few weeks you have lost € 50 several times. Have control of our investment at all times, know our income and our withdrawn

What do we bet on?

If we are going to enter this world we must know what we are going to do. Many come to hang out and be a hobby and others start in this world to try to get an extra at the end of the month, but we all have the same goal: Do not lose . You are welcome to enter and start betting saying that you bet to hang out if you later lose, lose and lose. We have to know at all times that we bet to win, one way or another. That is why you should not fall into the typical cases that bet on betting and that enter this world without knowing what your investment is going to be. There is nothing worth entering the first time € 50, the second time € 50, and leave it because you have lost , there we have done something wrong. If I can't afford to lose 3 times € 50, enter 5 times € 20 and make a strategy of how much you are going to invest weekly or monthly, since you will have more options for long-term success.

Many enter this world to hang out and be a hobby and others start in this world to try to get an extra at the end of the month, but we all have the same goal: Do not lose


"I won € 200 in a weekend" I won € 500 in a combined "" The other day I inflated has won with Real Madrid "And I could continue putting phrases / sayings of colleagues, acquaintances of our environment. The reality is not that, to talk about success is very easy and to show off we are very kind to the human being, but what have you not heard “I lost € 20 today with Barcelona” “I lost € 30 with the goal of Valencia "" I lost € 15 for the defeat of Federer "? The real reality is this .

The reality is that 85% of bettors are losers and it is a proven fact. How can we see in the table, 8% win between € 1 and € 99, ​​and only 5% win more than € 230 a year with sports betting, a shocking fact.

We have decided, we believe we are prepared, we have clear things and we will take these factors into account. Patience is a virtue in this world, especially in the beginning, since as if it were a job, if the first days in our new job we have no patience, we would not get anywhere or do not endure even 2 days ... that at the beginning, we have to know that we are going to fail in many things, we need experiences, in a very typical phrase: We will learn by sticks. But for that we are, to overcome a road full of obstacles, not change our ways of acting and have at all times clear, our investment and respect the bank. Our path will be long, and our mentality will be to win in the long term.

The reality is that 85% of punters are losers.


To begin, we would need a series of tools necessary to succeed in the world of sports betting . The first and most important, will be to have a tool that will take us to manage our bank, be it an APP (there are several), a website or an excel sheet. Here are some:

ApuestaPlay has a tool for punters, it is responsible for the accounting of all the bets that we are making.

We must also be clear about the important concepts of this betting world. You will find words that you have never heard and they will sound like Chinese. Stake, Yield, Bank ... Here are some articles where I explain each concept, as it will be necessary for you to be prepared at the beginning of the bets.

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