How to bet on penalties? Expert tips for your bets
December 17, 2019

Do you know how to bet on penalties in a football match? On our website we teach you how to bet on penalties to get the most out of your football bets .

How to bet on penalties in sports betting?

Those who approach the world of sports betting do so attracted by the excitement that sports betting offers. However, they do not always know all the possibilities offered by the bookies and on many occasions they settle for betting on the traditional markets of the winner of the match, the difference in goals, sets or points, etc.

There are many markets that do not always know how to take advantage: cards , corner kicks, live last minute bets , etc. And within that section, the markets dedicated to penalties stand out. These bets are possible in almost all football matches and, if they know how to take advantage, they can generate significant benefits.

There are many bets available that have to do with penalties, but you have to take into account an important fact: as in almost all football bets, when betting on penalties in a match only what happens happens in the 90 minutes of the match, so if there is an extension it does not count towards the main bet.

What types of sports betting can be made with penalties?

The penalties are one of the most important moments in the world of football: when a penalty is signaled both the team that suffers it and the one that will throw it faces a very special situation that can mark what happens in the match. That’s why the penalty market is very specific and you have to know how to use it to get benefits .

Will there be a penalty in the match?

It is the most common bet in the penalty market, to guess if a penalty will be thrown throughout the match or not. This is a type of bet that offers very interesting odds , above @ 2.5 normally, if you are able to hit the forecast. Matches in which there are many actions in the area are more prone to penalties, although it can happen in every minute of every football game.

Will one of the teams throw a penalty?

That is the next step: it is not only necessary to ascertain whether a penalty will be signaled throughout a match, but also which team will throw it. As it is twice as complicated as the previous market, the share is usually more than double, above @ 5.

Will the goalkeeper stop a penalty?

If guessing the existence of a penalty is not easy, predicting that a goalkeeper will stop a maximum penalty is much more complicated. Bookmakers usually offer this market with very high quotas: it must be guessed that there will be a penalty, which will be signaled in favor of a certain team and that the rival goalkeeper will stop it. Very difficult … but with very juicy quotas that can be around @ 15.

There will be a penalty shootout.

The maximum penalties that are thrown throughout a match are one thing, but when there is a tie elimination match that ends in a draw, the penalty shootouts are thrown to break. Before the match begins you can bet that the tie will be decided in the penalty shootout and even which of the two teams will qualify in that way.

Goals in penalty rounds

When those penalty rounds arrive, you can bet live on whether each penalty will be scored or will fail or if more or less goals will be scored throughout the course. The normal thing is that the line is placed on the 8 goals, so analyzing the shooters we can also get winning bets.

Live betting

When a live match is being played, we always have the possibility to bet on whether that pitch will end at the bottom of the net or not. The odds vary between the goal, which is around @ 1.25 and the shot is failed, which is usually paid over @ 4.

Tips for betting on penalties

Hitting the predictions of penalties is not easy, so you have to take into account three factors that can mark the success or failure in this type of betting.

Analyze the game : the longer the ball is in the area, the more likely there is a penalty, so preparing each event is important if we want to succeed.

Study statistics : there are teams that are more likely than others to commit penalties, but also to be beaten in favor of their constant attacks. That is why it is important to review the statistical data if we want to make winning forecasts.

Think of the ninety minutes : penalty bets only take into account what happens in the 90 minutes, unless otherwise specified. We must not forget it.

Betting on penalties is one more possibility than the ones presented to the players and the odds in these markets are very interesting. If you want to get winning bets, go to and place your  sports bets to live the sport with an extra emotion.

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