How to bet on cards in soccer: expert tips
December 27, 2019

When analyzing each game, the bookmakers analyze the participating teams and the referee’s history to establish a line. It is usually between 4 and 6 cards per game, but it depends on each game.

Depending on the bookie, each yellow card is normally counted as 10 points, while the red cards are counted as 20. That means that if the line is 45 points, you will have to bet on whether 4 or fewer cards will be shown in the match or , on the contrary, the collegiate shows 5 or more cards. The maximum for each player is 30 points so if a player sees two yellow cards and, therefore, one red, he will add 30 points. If we bet on over 45 points and the referee shows 3 yellow and one red cards, we will have won a winning bet by adding 50 points.

It may also be that bookies offer Asian handicaps in the card market. For example, they can place the line at 50 points: that means that if there are exactly 50 points per card it will be considered void or void: for it to be over, 60 or more points must be shown, while to be under, no more than 40 can be seen points.

Types of football bets on cards

Several types of football bets can be made in the card market: both before the game and live bets, bets on the number of cards in total or for each of the teams, cards to players, etc.

Total card

bets It is the most common bet in the card market and you have to predict whether or not the line marked by the bookie will be exceeded. These bets can be made both in pre-match and live bets, since the most important league matches, international competitions or selections also include this market in their live offer.

Cards to a player

Some bookmakers allow you to bet on whether a player will see a yellow card throughout the game. They are usually very interesting bets, since the odds are higher than normal, although in exchange it is not easy to predict this type of bet. You have to make a very thorough analysis of each event to be able to conclude which player will be admonished.

Expelled player

Just as you can bet if a player will see a yellow card throughout the match, you can also bet on whether any protagonist will be expelled from the match. They are very complicated bets, although the odds are very high, of more than @ 20 or @ 30 in some cases. There are also markets where it is not necessary to predict which player will be expelled, simply say if there will be a player expelled or not, something much easier to hit.

Cards per team

You can also bet on the number of cards that each team will see. Depending on the line that bookies mark, it can be 15, 25 or 35 points for each team, that is, it will take 2, 3 or 4 cards to get the over. At the same time, you can bet on which team will be shown more cards during the match or which team will be the first to see a card, either yellow or red.

Cards in the last minutes

We have already told you about how to take advantage of last-minute bets. One of the best possibilities is with the cards, since in the last minutes of each game many yellow cards are usually shown, being at the decisive moments of the match and approaching the final whistle.

Betting on cards in football is one of the best possibilities offered by sports betting.

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