January 6, 2020

Who can fight an Irish guy? Despite the glory of invincible Irish warriors, there was no WBC fighter from Ireland before Wayne McCulloch came on the ring. Lucking a professional education and growing without a professional coach, he has successfully defeated more than 300 players never having any knockouts in his history. Read on if you want to know more about an Irish boxing legend.

From Mateur to Legend

320 wins and only 11 defeats! The glory of an Iron chin Irish boxer has been running before this boxer himself. In 1988 Wayne was the youngest member representing Ireland during Summer Olympic Games in Seoul. In 1992 he won a silver medal during Summer Olympics in Barcelona, attracting attention of the best boxing coaches in the World. Soon after that, he was admitted by Eddie Futch and invited to Las-Vegas, which was the start of his professional boxing career.

Not long after he won the North American Boxing Federation title he became the first Irish boxer, winning WBC. Nobody expected that Japanese champion Yasuei Yakushiji will be knocked out by only a freshman in professional boxing. And also nobody expected Wayne to become World champion and defend his title for two times after such a successful game.

Boxers didn’t like Wayne because he was the only one, who has been finishing their sequences of 20-30 successful fights. Every battle which he joined, was ending up with a triumph. Anyway, glory doesn’t last very long. In 2002 Wayne’s doctors detected a brain cyst. This was the reason why WBC has discontinued his license (although changing their opinion after the next public battle). In 2005 he became WBC World Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill in Sports and in 2007 he joined Ultimate Fighting Championship. On June 2008 he has made his last fight with Juan Ruiz and retired at 37 years.

The Best Way to Know About Any Boxer – to Know from Himself

Now only old recordings of games can show Wayne on a ring. He has inspired a lot of young boxers and even wrote a book “Pocket Rocket: Don’t Quit”. If you are interested in his life and you want to support him, you can use your credit card to purchase this book from Amazon or eBay and enjoy memories of an iron-chin fighter from Ireland. Anyway, remembering old boxers don’t lower our interest in seeing young stars climbing the ladder of success. There are a lot of talented professionals fighting on a ring now; some of them are real legends. You can visit live shows and there is no problem in purchasing tickets as you can do that anytime you want with your credit card.

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