January 6, 2020

What would you do if somebody injured you close-to-death? What would you do if all doctors and friends told you that you will never come on a ring? Most of us would give up and stopped fighting but David has never given up. He stays one of those, inspiring most of boxers in a World by his outstanding 37-2 record and his overwhelming passion for boxing, which didn’t stop even after his cold knock-out.

A Person, Who Surpassed Mike Tyson

From the very childhood, David was passionate about boxing. A boy started beating bags being only 5 years old and when he was 14, he has overcome a junior Olympic champion. For a young teenager, this was a start of a road to success. After a short period of time, David Rodrigues started to beat veteran fighters and joined a professional box.

Joining 36 fights, David has finished them with 34 knockouts. Only 10 of them were done during the second round, while 24 knockouts were made during the first round. Soon David has beaten Mike Tyson’s record in knockouts during the first round, and all boxing society started to observe success of a growing star. But this success didn’t last too long. In 2011 a group of criminals has cut him nearly to death with knives. The same year top 10 WBA boxer has injured his leg. Further boxing career has appeared under a serious question.

Anyway, David didn’t give up. He stepped back on a ring and continued fighting. Although the first bloody fight has left him knocked down cold, fighter still continues to participate in boxing games. However, he has overlooked his values and started out his own project “Lucid Love”, addressing the problem of child bullying at schools. He has also written his book “When the lights go out”, which continues inspiring young boxers, starting their career.

How to Support David Rodrigues?

Although David Rodrigues doesn’t give many fights throughout the recent years, you can still watch him fighting by booking a place on a next tournament. Now there are no problems with that as you need only your credit card for booking the place. He would be much more thankful if you support his voluntary and social activities by sharing his ideas and values he is fighting for. He doesn’t want money that much but he dreams bullying to disappear in thousands of the US schools. Let the life of David Rodrigues be your stimulus to never give up fighting for things that matter the most for you.

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