January 6, 2020

Ones know him by an excellent career in kickboxing, where he became one of the most excellent fighters. Others know him as the most aggressive man in the World as his anger and uncontrolled intensity during the fights have become his business card. No matter, what caused him to be like he is now (severe childhood or a bloody nature of martial arts), Ken is a remarkable fighter and those interested in sports know his life story very well.

Where Did He Come From?

Not many sportsmen have been surviving such a tough childhood as Ken did. In 5 years he had outlived divorce of his parents and he had a lot of disagreements with his adoptive father. Before 15 years he has been in a jail several times and constant quarrels with parents resulted in kicking him out of the house. Although he was sheltered by a house of Bob Shamrock, these events have formed a strong and aggressive character of a young boy, who was always eager to fight.

Ken wanted to become a sportsman since he entered a school. Although having a successful start in playing football and wrestling, Ken had his neck wrecked, so that doctors have been stating that he will never play sports again. But they were not right. And the whole world has seen that when in 1992 Bob has defeated his opponent Don Nakaya Nielsen in less than 45 seconds. This was the first time when the World has seen the most aggressive boxer. After that, Ken didn’t ever doubt about his life path.

In the Boxing Ring

There were defeats but every defeat has been making Ken even stronger and more aggressive. When Shamrock was showing his anger and aggressive temper, his opponents were losing any incentives to fight. Even though having a large sequence of wins on different stages and glory of kickboxing star, Ken still doesn’t plan to leave a ring and he continues waiting for rivals.


If you are not satisfied enough watching his performance on TV, nothing stops you from buying tickets on his next show. You don’t need much for doing this, you need only a time for driving to this place and your credit card to book a place. Make some clicks of a mouse and enjoy fight of the most aggressive and tempered fighter in boxing history.

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