What is the Yield in sports betting?
December 27, 2019

What is the Yield in betting? Yield concept in sports betting.

The yield is basically the yield obtained from the Tipster . Going deeper into the issue we could define it as the average profit in percentage terms that a forecaster or tipster obtains for each monetary unit or Stake bet.

How can we calculate the Yield?

Although the terminology can lead us to think that we have a very complex formula, the truth is that the calculation of yield is extremely simple.

The formula is as follows:

Yield =  (Net benefits obtained / Amount wagered) x 100

Let’s give an example to clarify further: Suppose a very famous forecaster, who we follow makes 3 bets using all the same stake (5 for example) and the odds he bets are 1.75, 2.50 and 2.75. Suppose you win the last two  How can we calculate the yield?

Well, our tipster makes three stake 5 bets each, therefore:

Total bet: 5 (units bet) x 3 (bets placed) = 15 units

Win two sports bets. Therefore the net profit that these bets leave us is:

Second bet: (2.50 x 5) – 5 (bet) = 7.5 units

Third bet: (2.75 x 5) – 5 (bet) = 8.75 units

It is clear that when calculating the net benefit we must subtract the amount bet , since it is no gain.

Net benefits obtained: -5 (first lost bet) + 7.5 + 8.75 = 11.25 units

Yield = (11.25 / 15) x 100 = 75% of  yield we have obtained with our forecaster.

What does Yield mean?

That a tipster has a yield of 19% means, for example, that for every € 100 you bet on the tips of this tipster you will get a profit of € 19 net.

It should be noted that yields of for example 20% are almost unsustainable in the long term. Good forecasters have around 5-10% yield in the long term . The long term is neither 10 nor 100 bets, but you can start talking long term at 1000 bets .

Why is the term “Yield” used so much?

This is basically because the yield is a measure that allows to unify and standardize the performance. For example, a person who manages to convert a € 100 bank into € 500 is likely to have a higher yield and is a better forecaster than someone who has managed to earn € 50,000 with a € 100,000 bank. However, if we compare it in euros earned, the difference can lead us to a mistake, thinking that the second forecaster is much better since he has won € 50,000 against the € 400 won by our first forecaster.

I hope that from this article you will be clear about the concept of Yield in betting . When you see a Tipster with a Yield above 5% in more than 1,000 bets, surely that Tipster is quite reliable to follow its recommendations.

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