What is Stake in sports betting?
December 9, 2019

What is Stake in betting? Stake concept in sports betting.

In  sports betting,  there is usually no talk of money, or how much one has bet, there is talk of the Stake that you have used in your bets or of the units that you have bet on your bank.

Definition of “Stake” in bets

We could define  Stake as the amount of money / units that is used in a bet according to the confidence that the bettor has in his bet.

From there, we have to continue with a strategy or way of using our bank. You can usually assess the confidence of a bet from  1 to 10.

In this world of bets , each Tipster or bettor can have his method of using the Stake , by this I mean that there is no clear concept so we have to use a Stake from 1 to 10 . Some have it from 1 to 3, from 1 to 5 or simply use a flat Stake in their bets (always using the same Stake).

Each bettor is free to follow his method and strategy , what I recommend is that before betting we are clear about what our method and way of betting will be, always using a Stake in our sports betting.

How much should we bet according to the confidence we have in the bet?

In a practical case, if we use a  Stake from 1 to 5, it would be as follows:

  • Stake 1: We would bet 1% of our bank
  • Stake 2: We would bet 2% of our bank
  • Stake 3: We would bet 3% of our bank
  • Stake 4: We would bet 4% of our bank
  • Stake 5: We would bet 5% of our bank

This is a scale that I advise to those who start in this world of betting . Here there may be several interpretations and modus operandi, but to start with the bets it would not go up from 5% of the bank we have.

My way of betting

I can advise you a way that goes quite well, it works for me and the truth is that I am very happy with it, yes, we must keep a cool head in the face of gusts, which of course we can have negative.

My  strategy is always to take 10% of my bank  according to the Stake that I give to each bet . I use a Stake from 1 to 5 (max), or what is the same from 1% to 5% of my bank. This is the confidence and method of betting according to Stake that I give:

  • Stake 1%.
  • Stake 2% (Standard bet that gives some confidence)
  • Stake 3% (Much value and fee above the odds I estimate)
  • Stake 4% (Bet with a high level of probability)
  • Stake 5% (Max confidence in the bet, equal odds)

Practical examples

The theory sometimes if we do not know well or we have started in this world we can understand it but not put it into practice. I am going to give you 2 examples so that you all understand what Stake is in sports betting .

Example: My bank (balance) is  € 200 . I still bet with a Stake 2 , how much should I bet? The answer is  € 4 .

Example: My bank is  € 3,000 . I still bet with a Stake 4, how much should I bet? The answer is  € 120.

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