Sports betting books that every expert should know
December 22, 2019

If you want to improve your bets, you cannot miss these sports betting books that we have prepared for you. Discover them!

People who are approaching the world of sports betting for the first time do not have all the information they will need in this complex sector. Many only know the most basic bets and are unaware of the amount of markets that are available, which limits the chances of success and profit.

But those players who are already experts in sports betting and who dominate the basics of this world may need other information: see bets from another point of view, have a different perspective on the game … Even learn new methods or strategies , since in bets you can always (and should) evolve.

For some and for others there are different books on sports betting that can help them in their day to day as players. Some are aimed at a newcomer to this sector, with more basic information, while the objective reader of others will be more focused on other more complicated factors such as strategies, trading, psychology, etc.

These are what, in our opinion, are the best sports betting books on the market:

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Read before betting (Samuel Holgado)

It is the book that, as the author himself explains on his first page, he would have liked to read before approaching the world of sports betting. It is aimed primarily at newcomers to this world and, if it can be defined with one word, that would be honesty . He explains to the players what they can expect from bets and gives lessons that should not be forgotten for many years of experience in this sector. A book more than recommended.

Sports betting: live betting (Albano Fernández)

It is a book understood as an easy guide to learn everything that has to do with sports betting: from the types of bets to the houses where you can bet, through strategies, tips, etc. A good approximation to succeed when betting and taking the step from novice to experienced player . In addition, the author tries to give a realistic view of the sector, so he offers good advice to the players.

Sharp Sports Betting (Stanford Wong)

Although it has almost two decades, this book by Stanford Wong remains one of the most important bets ever written. It contains almost 400 pages with the basics on betting and with examples based on the NFL, the author’s favorite sport, but very useful for all players. The only handicap is that it is written in English, but otherwise it is a must read for anyone interested in sports betting.

Think fast, think slowly (Daniel Kahneman)

Despite not being an economist, Daniel Kahneman won in 2002 the Nobel Prize in Economics for his prospective theory . His book ‘Think fast, think slowly’ is not directly related to gambling, but it is very important from the psychological point of view by that theory that demonstrates how people make decisions thinking about the losses and gains they can suffer more than in the final score. Something more than usual in the world of betting and that deserves to be reflected on it.

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Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling (Ronald J. Gould)

Another book in English very interesting for those who are interested in statistics and probability in the world of sports betting. Ronald J. Gould uses simple concepts and addresses different situations that can occur in betting, using examples of daily life to understand them. A book aimed at both players and mathematicians.

Play your cards well (Leo Margets)

The best known professional poker player in Spain wrote this book that is not only dedicated to the world of cards, but analyzes the importance of making decisions in life that are profitable. Poker is the main thread of the book , but its content can be applied almost point by point to sports betting. Highly recommended for both players and all types of people when talking about stress management, uncertainty management or how to assess risk.

These six are those that, in our opinion, are the best books on sports betting that can be found today in the market and that are aimed at both new and experienced players. The important thing is to be clear about our goals in the world of sports betting and reading other people’s experiences will help us achieve it.

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