May 1, 2021

So today i betted on over 5.5 goalkeeper saves on Crotone – Inter game. I always watch the games i bet but since i was busy, i didn’t watch this game and followed in on flashscore. Now flashscore says there were 11 shots on target, 2 of them goals, so that means goalkeepers had 9 saves. Let’s say 3 of them had been cleared on the line by defenders, i still have 6 saves. So i thought i won but my site marked it as a loss. Then i went to the official serie a page and i was shocked. (

Serie A official says that there were indeed 11 shots on target but only 5 saves? Since Serie A official page is what counts of course i lost but then i went and checked and to elevate my shockness, they say that there were only 6 shots on targets and only 4 saves. Serie a official page says that Lautaro Martinez had 5 shots totals, 2 of them on target but whoscored does not even show that.I mean, how the hell 11 shots on target and just 2 goals does not get me 6 goalkeeper saves? I mean, if any of you watched this match, can you tell me that 4, yes 4 balls were cleared off the line by one of the defenders?

According to serie a offical site;

Sensi has 4 shots on target – no goals
martinez has 2 shots on target – no goals

eriksen 1 shot on target – 1 goal

hakimi 1 shot on target – 1 goal

lukaku 1 shot on target – no goal

adam ounas 1 shot on target – no goal

just from the Inter team i get my 6 saves but this shit has really annoyed me.

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