Tips for betting with injured and sanctioned
December 27, 2019

Do you know how to bet taking into account injured and sanctioned players? Do not miss the tips for sports betting  from our experts.

How to bet with injured and sanctioned?

Players who enjoy sports betting know perfectly well that one of the most important characteristics of any bet is to have all possible information about the event they are going to play. That implies, in most sports, to know the current events of the participants, the streaks of results, the playing styles of each team, the possible modifications of the coaches giving rest to some of the players … and to know which protagonists cannot act well for being injured or sanctioned.

It is one of the first issues to consider when making a bet and, in fact, there are many web pages that inform bettors about the current situation of the players . In addition to the traditional media, whether online, on paper, radio or television, there are websites specializing in injured and sanctioned, especially in football, the king sport.

Injured and sanctioned sports betting

Because it is not the same to bet on a match knowing that the headlines of the teams will play or do so knowing that some of the stars of one of the two sets will not be available, either by penalty, or by injury. The usual sports betting know it, but the bookmakers too.

For this reason, there are people within their templates who closely follow the news of all teams and who transfer any information about possible withdrawals to fees. Because if the bookies are not attentive, players can take a lot of advantage of that information, betting on one of the teams, knowing that the opponent will not be able to count on some of their best assets.

A clear example of this situation is what Messi has caused in the first games of the season: the odds of the Barcelona matches against Athletic, on the first day, or against Getafe, in the seventh, varied substantially at the time in which the news was known that he would not play with his team. To give an example: in Getafe – Barça, the victory of the Catalans was paid at @ 1.40 when Messi was supposed to play, while knowing his absence, the odds rose to @ 1.85 .

Injured and sanctioned in all sports

As we have seen, in football you can get great benefits by being attentive to the news of the injured and sanctioned, but it is not the only sport in which it is important. In most sports there are no penalties as they are known in football, but in all sports, both team and individual, injuries are important.

In the world of basketball , for example, the news that the starting center of a team will not play the next game can be used in several ways in the world of sports betting. If you are a very important player for your team, you can bet against either the outcome of the game or the handicap ; but, in addition, many bookies offer bets on personal actions of the players and, in that case, one could bet in favor that the pivot of the other rival will capture more rebounds than normal, since he will not have his maximum rival in front.

In the world of tennis there are no penalties, but it is also important to know the physical condition of the players. Because if a player is injured or does not arrive at his best, he can bet against him. But, in addition, it is very important to be aware of possible casualties in tournaments : that is because if an important player does not participate, his side of the table may be available to other players, whose quotas were very high for the winner market final before knowing the news, but that quota will collapse after knowing that low.

Sports betting with sanctions

If we want to become long-term winning players it is important that we take into account all the factors and know who are the injured and the sanctioned is one of the most important. Here are some tips for betting with injured and sanctioned .

 You have to know all the information of the event we are going to bet and that everything is updated as possible.

You should be aware of any developments that occur in the events that interest us.

It is recommended to have one or more reference sites that report the casualties of the equipment and that are updated almost in real time to know the latest news.

A great option is to use trading , that is, to use the changes that occur in the installments to guarantee profits regardless of the final result.

You already know how to take advantage of the injured and sanctioned in your sports betting. 

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