Last minute bets: how to get the most out of it?

Live bets or 'livebets' are a type of bets increasingly used by players for the opportunities it offers. Bookmakers offer live betting on virtually every sport, from football to horse racing, to tennis, hockey, motor events, etc.

These bets are very interesting since we can take advantage of what is happening at that moment to win winning bets. There are tricks to win in live bets that can be taken into account throughout the sporting event. However, there are also other strategies to take advantage of these types of bets.

They are last minute bets, bets that are made in the last moments of each game, regardless of the sport, taking advantage of the situation that is occurring at that precise moment. Here we will explain how to take advantage of the live bets that are made at the last minute.

Last minute football betting

Football is probably the sport that can be most played with live bets since, at the same time, it is the one with the most open markets in this type of bets. But when a match reaches the last minutes there are many bets that we can make to get benefits:

Double chance : we can also look for that favorite team that is at a disadvantage to achieve one or more goals in those siege minutes. Betting on the double result in your favor we will achieve a winning bet whether there is a draw or if you finally manage to overcome the match.

Card over : another classic bet for the last minutes. In a match played and with a lot at stake it is possible that yellow card situations occur in the last minutes , whether by reckless tickets, protests, wasted time, etc.

Goal in the last minutes : in more than half of the La Liga matches, for example in the Spanish competition, a goal is produced in the last minutes. It can be a good solution for your football bets as a game strategy.

Corner kicks : if a team is at a disadvantage and is stalking the opposing goal in search of a draw or even victory, it is very likely to bottle the opponent and create many occasions. Betting that more than one corner will be produced in those last minutes is a very interesting bet.

Last minute bets in basketball

The sport of the basket is also very interesting when looking for benefits in the last minutes of the matches.

Over points : statistically, more points are usually scored in the last minutes of the matches than in the rest of the match. That happens both in even crashes, since there are many free throws and there are more options, such as those already decided because the defenses relax.

Handicap : seeing how a game goes is very interesting to bet because one of the two teams will cover the handicap , either because one has lowered the arms and the opponent will achieve a comfortable advantage or because the other goes on an upward trajectory and will cut the disadvantage.

Total and team points : there are matches in which a team or both of them see the ring very easily, either because of an unusual success or because the opponent does not defend correctly. Bet that this will not happen throughout the game and that in the second or last quarter they will score fewer points than in the rest of the game can be a good strategy.

Last minute bets in tennis

In tennis you can also take advantage of the last minutes of the game to make very interesting bets.

Blank : if a player has an advantage and is going to take off to win the game in the next game, he may not offer much opposition in the previous game against his opponent and reserve strength to take the game with his service . Betting that you won't make any points in that game is a risky bet, but with good odds.

There will be a tie-break : if we are watching a game between punches in which it is difficult to have service breaks, betting that there will be a tie-break at the end of the set is a feasible bet with interesting odds.

As always, to get winning bets, it is best to find value in the bet and, above all, have all the possible information . And in the case of live betting, there is nothing better for it than watching the game, either live in the stadium or through television.

Now that you know how to take advantage of the bets in the last minutes , enter and bet with us to live your favorite sport with an extra emotion.

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