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Wayne McCulloch

Wayne McCulloch, the Invincible Boxer from Ireland

Who can fight an Irish guy? Despite the glory of invincible Irish warriors, there was no WBC fighter from Ireland before Wayne McCulloch came on the ring. Lucking a professional education and growing without a professional coach, he has successfully defeated more than 300 players never having any knockouts in his history. Read on if […]

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A Cherished Victory by Lamon Brewster

If you have never heard about Lamon Brewster then you have never been interested in boxing for real. Lamon Brewster is the only boxer who was able to get an upset knockout victory over famous Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko in 2004. That victory was a defining moment for Lamon. It made him famous and brought […]

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David Rodrigues

Life Story: David Rodrigues

What would you do if somebody injured you close-to-death? What would you do if all doctors and friends told you that you will never come on a ring? Most of us would give up and stopped fighting but David has never given up. He stays one of those, inspiring most of boxers in a World […]

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